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Boundless Balance


Our Location

Visit us in Bacalar, Mexico
At our private and all inclusive retreat center located on the shore of the lagoon of 7 colors,  named for its vibrant variant colors. 
Bacalar, Mexico known as the "pueblo de magico" or town of magic is located in the state of Quintana Roo just
4.5 hours from Cancun,
2.5 hours from Tulum and,
40 minutes from Chetumal Bay
 The nearest airports are in Chetumal and Cancun.
Prepare to be astounded by the colors of the lagoon and the depth of the cenotes.  
Immerse yourself into Boundless Balance of mind and body while you enjoy a lagoon front private retreat center with your own private beach, private pier, floating shala, and rooftop shala. We have many reservation types to accomodate your specific needs. All of our lagoon front accomodations include air conditioning and a private bathroom.
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